Terry Monstrosity (2021)




Terry Monstrosity (2021)

New Year = Same Sh*t



Terry Monstrosity (2020)

Theres nothing new under the sun.



Terry Monstrosity (2020)

Amidst our current age of unrest in pursuit of liberty amongst thieves.. creatives thrive. Written and recorded during Cov-id/Civil-Rights 2.0 while NOTFORSALE provided the perfect soundscapes to capture the essence of true freedom. Black excellence so-to-speak. We present “NOTFORPLAY”



Terry Monstrosity (2020)

Majority produced by A-Hop beats and another by Royce Javier (Not Tmmr" we get a very artistic look at what "normalcy" is during a time when that has been stripped away.



Terry Monstrosity & Bill Beats (2019)

Entirely produced, recorded and engineered by Bill Beats. An expression of the current state of life.. using classic methodology to deliver a modern ode to subcultures and their importance in our collective evolution.



Terry Monstrosity (2016)

Entirely written, produced, arranged and engineered By Terry Monstrosity. A play on the ideas of the Socio-sexual archetypes and hierarchy that consume our society today. Alternative sounds, and unconventional techniques define mood here.



Terry Monstrosity (2014)

With help from Jon Lemmon (BEARAXE, Gifted Program) on the majority of production, this album is summed up by its title. a temporary ambient injection of variance into the hip-hop ecosystem. Also features production from Jeff Higa (Gifted Program) & Jay Nyce.



Terry Monstrosity (2018)

Another one created by Terry Monstrosity. A 100 percent original mixtape so-to-speak.